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We help clients with their public affairs needs – from general advice to developing strategies or building campaigns to achieve desired outcomes. This work can include government relations, issue management, media communications, and corporate social responsibility. 

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Times change, political leaders change, and the makeup of the legislature, city council, and Congress change. Lodestar Partners is a firm for today’s Washington State legislature, congressional delegation, and statewide elected officials. 

Our team has decades of experience working with state, federal, and local governments. We are keyed in on the executive branch, legislative leadership, and new activist members who increasingly drive the political and policy discourse.

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We help companies seeking to locate or expand into Washington State find the ideal location to meet their needs. Washington is a remarkably diverse state, with different costs of living, climates that range from deserts to mountains to rain forests, a diverse workforce, varied energy costs, divergent regulatory frameworks, and many well-developed and world-leading industry sectors. 

Deciding where to locate a manufacturing or operational facility is a decision that has long term consequences for the company and the community in which they locate. Washington has a complicated array of economic development entities, political leaders, and stakeholders involved in various stages of the site selection process. Lodestar helps cut through the noise, make proper outreach and introductions and sequence those meetings.

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Communications should aim to build trust, achieve a specific outcome, or reinforce a narrative. We develop audience-specific persuasive messages that convey compelling narratives, making the right connections to the right people at the right time. 

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Federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Energy finance promising technology that meet agency objectives in areas such as energy and sustainability, life sciences, space, and advanced materials. Through Lodestar Partner’s experience on state and federal levels, coupled with its strategic partnerships, we help early stage innovative companies access non-dilutive funds to advance the research, development, demonstration, or deployment of their technology. 

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Our Clients


Some of our past and present clients we are honored to work with.

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