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1.   a star that leads or guides

2.   (figurative) a guiding tenet or principle

3.   one that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide

Night Sky
Public Affairs
Government Affairs
Economic Development
Strategic Communications
Business Development
Stormy Skies Over a Lake


We connect our work with our shared values of fairness, strengthening of our communities, entrepreneurial spirit, and advancement of emerging technologies and initiatives that take on society's most pressing issues. 

We are a firm of pragmatic idealists and we are the right fit for Washington State. We put that credibility and know-how to work for you in the public, government, and business arenas.

About Us
Our Approach


We sort through complicated policy and political situations, determine the art of the possible, and then put together and execute a plan to achieve it. 


 Relationships are crucial to any public, community, or government affairs strategy. Lodestar’s partners and partnerships represent decades of relationships built throughout Washington communities, within all major industry sectors, and at every level of government.


What one knows is as important as who one knows, and this is especially true in a state where most people know one another. Knowing the process, how things work, and how to get things done for a client is critical for success.

Coalition Building

No person is an island. Very little gets done in public and government affairs work without partnerships and alliances to create momentum and set the table for success. We bring together business, non-profits, labor, education, and issue advocates to accelerate solutions.

Our Partners


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